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  The Gist of the Story
  Exploration, Arrangement and Research
King Gesar stemmed and developed from ancient Tibetan folk literature like myths, legends, poetry and proverbs, and was the masterpiece of ancient Tibetan civilization. It describes the heroic achievement Gesar made for the people and the conquering he made with astonishingly strong will and magic power and eulogizes the struggle of the virtuous against the evil and the bright against the dark...
The characters in King Gesar number about a hundred. Every character, positive or negative, hero or tyrant, man or woman, old or young, is vividly portrayed. As many as they are, there are no identical characters or generalized ones.
In terms of the number of lines and words, King Gesar has even more than the combined total of the five most famous epics after relevant collection and arrangement, namely, Jiljameshi of ancient Babylonia, the Greek Iliad and Odyssey, and India’s Ramayana and Mahabharata. Jiljameshi, which was produced prior to 3000 BC and contains 3000 lines, is considered the oldest epics in the world. Iliad has 24 volumes and more than 15000 lines, while the Odyssey has more than 12000 lines in 24 volumes as well. There are over 18000 two-line verses in the seven chapters of the Ramayana, and 100000 two-line verses in the 18 chapters of the Mahabharata.
  The Painstaking Efforts and Great Intelligence of the Folk Artist
During the Shoton (Sour Milk Drinking) Festival on August 1984, a concert of Gesar artist covering seven provinces was held in Lhasa. There were over 40 artists who attended the festival, including the old man Zhaba and the female artist Yumei, etc.
One of these artists, Zhaba has dedicated his whole life to the Gesar project. He was still singing the ballads in his last hours in November 1986. In his life time, he had performed 25 volumes, 600000 lines and 6000000 words of King Gesar, which equals 25 Homer epics, 15 Ramayana and three Mahabharata. This is the longest and most integrated version till now, accumulating the wisdom and artistic talent of Zhaba. It is one of the most significant achievements in the rescue of King Gesar in the new period.
Foreign Influence
King Gesar has been studied abroad for over 200 years. A few sections of it were translated into English, Russian, German, and French.

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