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  The Painstaking Efforts and Great Intelligence of the Folk Artist

It is thanks to the great efforts of composers, propagators and folk balladeers that King Gesar has been able to spread and survive till now. They have made indelible contributions to the succession and development of the Tibetan culture.
In the large-scale rescue work, investigators found almost 100 balladeers active in countryside and pastoral areas, more than 10 of whom enjoyed great fame among the people. They would like to hold various rituals before their performance, such as burning joss sticks and prostrating before Buddha or singing in front of a mirror. In performance they would wear a special hat as a stage prop, with many bird feathers on it and play an ox horn zither or tambourine. During the Shoton (Sour Milk Drinking) Festival on August 1984, a concert of Gesar artist covering seven provinces was held in Lhasa. There were over 40 artists who attended the festival, including the old man Zhaba and the female artist Yumei, etc.
Zhaba has dedicated his whole life to the Gesar project. He was still singing the ballads in his last hours in November 1986. In his life time, he had performed 25 volumes, 600000 lines and 6000000 words of King Gesar, which equals 25 Homer epics, 15 Ramayana and three Mahabharata. This is the longest and most integrated

  version till now, accumulating the wisdom and artistic talent of Zhaba. It is one of the most significant achievements in the rescue of King Gesar in the new period.
As a distinctive feature, the ballad singing of King Gesar is imparted from father to son. It is considered that the talent of singing epic cannot be taught or learned. The talent can only be passed on by the predestined affinity with gods and the enlightenment from the deities.
Samdrup, one of the outstanding bards
of King Gesar in modern Tibet
Folk artist Tubdian performs Gesar, an oral Tibetan epic, on Tibet exhibiton
Gansu province, sing the Tibetan epic King Gesar. Cao Zhizhen
Tibetan epic singer Ngag-rig and his Gesar Amulet

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